Wiexon provides Information and communications technology (ICT) services since 2015. Our professional experience allow us to generate high quality, fast and reliable solutions for our clients.

Clients pleasure is our ultimate achievement...

We are aware that many medium and small-size companies cannot afford the luxury of having a dedicated/full-time team of ICT engineers and developers. This is also pretty common with start-ups where budget is limited and companies are still in their formation stage trying to put together a new product or idea. Most of these companies require the development of very reliable, robust and fast solution in order to get business traction and gain the needed trust from investors that allow them to raise funding capital to their business ventures and grow big in a short period of time.

Online based Application design/development

Our team of online app developers is creative and skilled to accomplish your individual demands as well as your business needs. With advanced tools and technology our online apps developers are able to create highly customized applications for consumer needs and enterprises.

Computer Software design/development

Our software development team has enormous experiences to develop custom computer software. Our team is also skilled to make machine oriented computer software development where a software is essential to communicate with machine or to commissioning the developed electronic device.

Website design/development

Website design and development services is one of the ways that we help our customers get to market faster. Our engineering development team has significant real world experience on Responsive Design, E-Commerce Website and CMS Development.

Embedded software development

We are one of the embedded software/firmware developers who have various skills and expertise in firmware and embedded software development. Practical experience with R&D practice in embedded solutions and firmware development, and strong project management processes. We like to be reliable partner for building powerful electronic solutions and devices that enable innovation.

Custom protocol oriented software development

Do you need software solution with custom protocol? Don't let the word "custom" scare you. The word "custom" to us simply means that we will provide you with a solution that perfectly suits your needs and fits within your budget. We do everything under one roof by ourselves from design, programming, development and testing. Since we do it all by ourselves so we believe that our costs and lead times are unbeatable.

IoT software solution

We work with skilled software engineers to ensure that the software and the target electronics design are fully integrated from the beginning of the project. We create IoT based software product from simple module through to complex systems with many components.

Professional Insights

Since our business growth depends upon our clients business growth so we always take care of our clients interests by our-self!

User Interfacing

User interfacing is the most important things for any product. So that we take care for it at our insights.

High Performance

All the time we look after of our project efficiency of processing performance to ensure the minimum back-end execution time.


We take care to handle the loops, threads and program execution exceptions properly. So that it ensure the robustness of the project and reduce the program hang probability.

Quick Debugging

It's very rare to get any bug in our released project but if there is any, we are very responsive to debug it as quick as possible to make our customer happy and to keep our good reputation stable as well.

Data Security

In term of business solution software provider we always take care for our clients data security. We keep our clients data in a high secured cloud storage.

Secured Traffic

It's a very big concern whether the online data traffic is secured from the hacker. We have our own reverse proxy server and renowned SSL certificate provider to encrypt the data and hide the real server from the hacker.

We provide the best for our clients 🙂

Numerous companies are running our solutions in their businesses.

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